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Customisable data packages for all Countries
Your Virtual SIM immediately ready and perfect for your frequent and occasional travel, business or holiday.

Make every journey an uninterrupted and limitless experience!

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Download the app, choose the country where you want to navigate, and scan the QR code you will receive via mail. Your eSIM will be instantly active with immediate connectivity

What is BNeSIM?

With over 120 Terabytes consumed by our customers in over 200 countries every month, BNESIM is the app that keeps travelers, businessmen, vacationers, remote workers connected to their work environment, loved ones, and friends even when they are on the other side of the world.

BNeSIM is your unique and convenient communication solution.

You can receive calls, participate in video calls, and receive mobile data in over 200 countries without roaming charges, you’re in the right place.

Forget about changing SIM cards or smartphones every time you travel. With the BNeSIM app, you’re always ready to connect hassle-free, anywhere in the world and at any time. Enjoy your vacation, trip, or work without any further hassle.

Importa tutti i tuoi numeri di telefono nell’app BNESIM e potrai effettuare chiamate senza utilizzare schede SIM o telefoni diversi. I contatti che chiamerai potranno riconoscerti dal tuo solito numero di cellulare.

Più linee internazionali su un solo telefono

Main reasons to use BNESIM
A marketplace that offers the widest selection of data plans from multiple operators so you can always get the best rates and coverage. Unlimited eSIM profiles available on the same device for unlimited connectivity.
Activate multiple eSIMs on the same BNESIM account in just a few minutes directly from the app. Travel the world with a single flat-rate mobile data fee and take advantage of unlimited global data plans in Europe, Asia, the United States, and the Middle East. BNESIM offers over 160,000 data plans for global, regional, and national use, with no roaming charges! The BNESIM app automatically detects any country change and shows you the best available data offers. Additionally, we've invented smart top-up and emergency top-up, so you'll never run out of credit.
No matter the distance you cover, our call rates are per minute and you'll be charged based on the zone you're calling, regardless of your location, with no roaming charges. Activate Smart CLI and your calls will be made using a phone number belonging to the country you're calling.
With BNESIM, you can activate multiple fixed, mobile, and toll-free numbers from over 100 countries, all together on the same BNESIM account, in just a few seconds. Your incoming calls can be terminated in the BNESIM app, on a landline, on voicemail, forwarded to other phone numbers, or even to a conference room.
A fast and modern VPN that protects your online privacy with the best encryption in its class. It's simple, streamlined, and uses much less battery than other protocols. Connect reliably from anywhere to anywhere.
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BNESIM is the World Travel Awards winner of

“World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider”